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You’ve probably heard the prostate talked about new dimension your sex life with orgasmic prostate massages?


men have a prostate gland so prostate orgasms are for men You’ll find it between your bladder and your penis—and just inside your ass. About three inches in, to be precise. The prostate promotes fertility, ensures regular and controlled peeing and, if stimulated correctly, offers a source of sexual satisfaction that most men can only dream of.
  • Treats many forms of erectile dysfunction
  • Improves erection strength and size
  • Can help stop premature ejaculation
  • Can reduce fluid blockages and improve urine flow
  • Prostate massage orgasms are the strongest orgasm a man can ever feel
  • It is known as the "man's g-spot"
  • Help produce more semen
  • Prostate masturbation is a proven method for improving overall sexual health and function
  • Preparing for your first anal experience
In terms of sexual function, the prostate releases prostatic fluid (pre-cum to you and me) when you’re about to shoot your load (or when the gland is stimulated or massaged—more on that later). Prostatic fluid is one of the components in semen. It protects, transports and nourishes your sperm. If you’re trying to conceive, it’s what helps your sperm make its way to the egg and fertilize it. During ejaculation (or massaging) the prostate contracts, blocks the opening between your bladder and urethra and squirts its fluid out of your cock. Incidentally, that’s why it’s impossible to pee and cum at the same time—just in case you ever wondered.
prostate diagram for prostate massage
Now for the fun part, milking the prostate. Prostate milking orgasms are the holy grail of pleasure for men. The prostate happens to be male equivalent of a woman’s G-Spot—for that reason some people refer to it as the P-Spot. Stimulating the prostate either by just massaging (also called prostate milking) or in combination with masturbation

Milking prostate orgasms are generally much more intense than regular ones at guys we can do this for you

There hasn’t been a lot of formal research, but it’s generally agreed amongst those who have tried prostate massaging, that it takes longer to achieve a Super-O than a regular one—so it might also be worth considering if you’re prone to premature ejaculation.

Does this all sound too good book in tonight

If you think a prostate massage is something you’d enjoy, then you’re not alone. Since 2004, online searches for “prostate massage” have more than trip the prefer massage for guys

If you decide you’re going to give it a go, at guys first thing to do is make sure you're clean. Sorry guys, there’s no easy way to say this, but you should check there are no remnants from the last time you sat down on the toilet. Try to leave it a few hours since your last bowel movement and consider using a washcloth and a finger in the shower before you start. You can also try a hygienic male enema or anal douche.


prostate location for massage

Just like many other sexual activities, foreplay and engagement, prostate massage isn’t going to be for everyone—but if you would like one more than happy to give you one when you book one of my tantric massages

you will enjoy see you soon guy