Sauna Night Monday Evenings only 5.30 pm £20Sauna Night Monday Evenings only 5.30 pm £20Sauna Night Monday Evenings only 5.30 pm £20

These popular Monday evening group meets are held every Monday at 5.30pm, back running again scenes April 2021 where men meet to try there hand at massaging other men & being massaged by other men so why not come along & join in the fun..

relax in the hot tub with others, or in the sauna chill in the video lounge watch gay videos or just unwind in relaxation rooms our dry Swedish Sauna cabin in which you can stretch out and relax.

The feel of natural wood, soft lighting and warmth is great for the soul as well as the body
or enjoy a nice massage with your friends

Ease away stresses and strains, aches and pains and gain a sense of well being

ages do vary but most are in there 30' s - 50's and some above with
males of all orientations & professions attending

the number attending vary from 15 to 20 & above
Light refreshments included
there is plenty of discrete off road parking
 Entrance fee £20

Frequently asked questions for Monday nights group
Q How many attend?
A It varies from week to week generally between 15 to 20 or more

Q How old are those that attend?
A Most are in there 30' s - 50's & some above some younger do sometimes attend

Q What is the dress code short & trunks?
A Generally naked with a towel (towel provided)

Q What time doe's if finish?
A It generally finishes around 9 pm (sometime it is later)

Places are limited so do not forget to book in best to call or text on a Monday morning / afternoon i can send you the address & book you in for that night