F.A.Q At guyS

Is This For Me ?

A.It really doesn't matter if you are straight, bi, gay, married, single, what your religion is or what race you are. I see people from all walks of life who are looking to relax and explore the world of sensual touch.I see Men, and your confidentiality and discretion is guaranteed.Whether you are just looking for a standard massage to release stress and tension or a full sensual touch body massage,I have a range of techniques available.
Every massage is unique, tell me what you hope to get from the experience and I will tailor your massage to suit.

How Much ?

My Tantric Massage  £50 1 hour Approximately 


A. Redruth Cornwall

Located out in the Rural countryside

I Will send you a text of the address post code & other information

on booking in

very discreet

Are We Both Naked ?

A. yes
For the Sensual / tantric Massage and Body to Body Massage we will both be fully naked
I cannot massage through clothing or other apparel, you do not have to be fully naked to receive a massage.

You can retain underclothing at your own discretion. If you have specific requirements regarding undressing

This Is My First Time And Am Nervous

A. Many of my clients are married and are coming to me for a massage for the very first time and worried about what to expect. I have a lot of experience with dealing with ‘first timers’ i have been doing male massage for over 25 years now so I can assure you you are in very safe hands.I find that by starting with the relaxation massage this will calm you and get you used to being touched by a man. In fact this part of the massage is no different whether performed by a male masseur or a female masseuse.

I will always move at your pace and if at any time you feel uncomfortable about anything, please say so and i can stop

I always aim to make your experience as enjoyable as possible. However if you are not entirely happy in any way, please tell me so I can correct whatever you are unhappy about.

After all I would like to have you as a client again! as with all my clients over the 25 years all had to take there 1st male massage

i will look after you come and book in soon at guys

What is a Tantric Massage

A.While it might seem fairly obvious, a erotic Tantric massage can take a variety of different forms and be described in a range of different ways.The basic concept is that this is male-to-male massage. both of us are naked although it’s not essential for the masseur to be naked.

How it differs from a ‘normal’ massage is that a tantrice / erotic massage will be more sensual. i will be working over every inch of your body – if that’s what you want.

my tantric erotic massage will generally come with the option of a ‘happy ending’ – that means that i will stimulate you to hardness and help you to get off.

there is different names for a for this type of erotic massage
i offer this service some clients won’t be comfortable with the Tantric Massage i do if you are looking for just a relaxing massage thats fine.

(approximately 1hr)

Superb Value at only £50

How Can I Ensure Confidentiality Discretion ?

A. I have been giving sensual massage for 25 years and particularly to men who come to me do so for many reasons but almost all require discretion and confidentiality. Some men come from relationships without their partner’s knowledge others confidentiality is to do with their work. For some men, it is because they are well known in CornwallGiven that I have seen clients for 25 years I can guarantee I do everything I can to remain confidential and to date, there has never been an issue. A client can give me a false name and does not need to tell me anything they do not want to. If I met a client by chance in public I would ignore them unless they speak to me first.
When booking i just need your mobile number to send address.
hope to see you soon guy ..

Can I Shower At You Place ?

 A. Yes,  I require all my clients to shower before their massage, the better the hygiene the better the massage. If you come straight from work and feel like freshening up before your massage you are most encouraged to use our shower facilities.  

Covid -19 Position

A.  I have worked hard to ensure that my Massage Room Is Safe for usHere are just some of the changes you may notice:

I will aim to maintain appropriate social distance during consultation.

I will discuss and agree adaptations to your treatment to minimise risk (e.g. avoid facial massage).
I will continue to wash all towels and linens used during each treatment, and in addition to the routine disinfection that already took place, there will be additional disinfection of every surface within the room
My appointment times have changed to allow more time between appointments for additional cleaning and airing of my treatment Room
All non-essential items have been removed from the room to reduce surfaces on which virus may be transmitted.
I have installed new sensor activated soap and gel dispensers

I have different face rest cushions that are easier to sterilise, yet still comfortable.

I will avoid touching drinking glasses etc, therefore I recommend that you bring drinking water with you, but I can provide bottled water if necessary. we will work together at guys

hope to see you soon

Can I touch the masseur / Guy ?

A.  For some people reciprocal touch is important to their experience. If you want to touch me in anyway you can, and nothing you do is wrong.Of course. I enjoy mutual touch as it enhances the experience for both yourself and for me Particularly with my Erotic Massage Treatment mutual touching is encouraged to heighten the erotic nature of these particular massages
Please Note this is a Sensual Erotic tantric Massage Which is Sexual is it for you ???? 

Do You Do Any Extras

Penis Massage A.
My Tantric Massage is with Happy Ending £50 which is a massage to a high level of amusement most men will find it difficult not to ejaculate at some point throughout this type of massage